Leadership Qualities: How to Create An Unforgettable Personal Brand That Gets Results

What makes you so memorable that you stick in people’s minds continued afterwards you’ve larboard the room?

If you can’t acknowledgment that catechism quickly, you apparently haven’t created a claimed cast able abundant to be advised a business asset.

You’re aswell not alone. It’s estimated that over 95% of business humans haven’t agitated to actualize a claimed brand.

The added 5%, humans like Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Gisele, Martha Stewart, accept leveraged their claimed brands into a aggressive advantage.

So has the getting in your aggregation who seems to baffle the allowance and get all of the promotions. And so has your adversary whose artefact is no bigger than castigation but who magnetically attracts audience while you action it out with the blow of the pack. And so has that industry ‘expert’ who gets the buzz calls from the columnist for commentary.

A able claimed cast has the adeptness to access your amount in the marketplace, accession your contour aural your company, allure agreeing audience and barter who analyze with your brand, and access banking returns. And every day you don’t absorb time cultivating and leveraging your own claimed brand, you are creating absent opportunities.

I formed with an controlling who absitively if he was in his 20s that he capital to become the all-around CEO of a above organization. From that moment on, he advised his claimed cast a business asset.

While he wore the aforementioned dejected suit, white shirt, and atramentous loafers as anybody abroad in the company, he by itself stood out.


He was gregarious, he showed an absorption in anybody he came in acquaintance with, he asked a lot of questions, he went out of his way to abutment others, he congenital a able arrangement of humans at all levels, he smiled added generally than not, he begin solutions, he showed up.

All accepted behaviors of acknowledged leaders.

When humans saw him, they saw a approaching CEO. He acclimated that cast to set himself apart. It became his characteristic advantage. And he became a all-around CEO in his 40s.

That’s what claimed brands do. They body expectations of what you affiance to accompany to the game. And every time you bear on it, your cast becomes added valuable. It sets you afar as the go-to getting for the abilities associated with your accustomed brand. Your amount goes up.

Whether you apperceive it or not, you already accept a claimed brand. It may be an advantage, it may not be.

The ability is in alive what it is, how humans apperceive it, and cultivating it every day to angle out from the army – even if you’re dressed like anybody abroad in the room.

Here’s how to actualize an acclaimed claimed cast that fires up your business success:


The a lot of able chump brands are able because their axial affiance is congenital into the cilia of their organizations. Aggregate they do – from their articles to their chump adventures and business letters – are all advised to bright and reinforce their axial cast message.

Your claimed cast is absolutely the same. To be effective, it accept to acquaint the ethics and behaviors at the amount of your personality.

Who am I? What amount do I accompany to the table? What sets me afar from anybody else? Your claimed cast accept to acknowledgment these questions.

The acceptable account is the ethics that accomplish up your cast are there. You just accept to dig them out and yield a acceptable harder attending at them.

Think about the kids you grew up with. If they were asked to call you, what would they say? That bare accuracy about how you behaved consistently as a kid will accord you a acceptable adumbration of your starting point.

To this day, I can go down the account of kids I grew up with and acquaint you absolutely what their claimed brands are:

THE TOUGH COOKIE: Becky was the tough, yield no prisoners boxy cookie who backed up her challenges to ‘bring it’ with a few ballsy brawls that set her cast durably in adjacency lore.

THE OLD SOUL: Nonnie was the quiet, kind, and anxious babe who consistently chose to sit on her foreground stoop and apprehend a book while absonant amateur of dodgeball and double-dutch played out afore her.

THE GOLDEN BOY: Todd seemed to be able to calmly do it all — the football hero, the straight-A student, and the kid who was able to body a acropolis out of snow that could bear any agitated snowball assault.

Why do I bethink these humans so acutely years later? They were consistent; what you saw was what you got. I knew if I capital advice with a troublemaker, Becky was my go to. If I capital to sit and arctic out, there was Nonnie. And if I capital advice conjugating a Latin verb, accompany on the Golden Boy.

Identify your accustomed cast advantage and you’ll acknowledge the behaviors that breeze by itself from the ethics at your core. You’ll accept what you will not do even beneath the toughest associate pressure, and what is so memorable about you by itself that it sticks in people’s accuracy even years later.


Determining what sets you afar is alone a able advantage if humans can bound admit the affiance of amount that goes with it. Or, in added words, what’s in it for them?

This is the affiance that underpins your claimed cast – the amount you accompany to an employer, aide or client, consistently able through all your interactions.

Ask yourself what it is about your claimed cast that makes someone’s activity or business better, easier, happier, or added profitable. What expectations do you wish your claimed cast to body in the minds of the humans you plan with and for? And what can you consistently bear on?

Becky promised protection, Nonnie promised acceptable conversation, and Todd promised to drag my continuing in the adjacency artlessly by getting a allotment of his close circle. They all brought clear, constant amount to my life.

This is how you become a go-to person. Acquaint your cast affiance acutely — and bear on it consistently – and you’ll bound acceleration to the rank of indispensable.


With your acutely authentic claimed cast in place, bendability becomes the name of the game. Just as chump brands body adherence over time with constant chump interactions – and lose it with one bad analysis – you accept to aswell put your money area your aperture is.

Consistently reflect your claimed cast ethics in aggregate you do. Not just in carrying your harder and fast KPIs, but aswell in how you collaborate with colleagues and audience everywhere from the boardroom to the baptize cooler.

For your claimed cast to be apparent as an asset, humans accept to acquaintance it over time so they can body a assured anatomy of advertence as to what to apprehend if they collaborate with you. To advantage your claimed brand, you accept to think, talk, and act in a way that delivers consistently.

People are searching for clues that they can assurance you, that you beggarly what you say, and that you will bear on that cast affiance you made. Accord it to them.


None of us are perfect, and we all run the accident of falling into old behavior patterns or acceptance abrogating affections to drive acknowledging responses to demanding situations. This, of course, is allotment of getting human. However, anecdotic and compassionate your triggers will go a continued way to befitting your claimed cast on clue even if the accent hits its hardest.

Stay alert that aggregate you do and say has an actual appulse on your claimed cast and, just like a bad review, snapping at a colleague, absolution down a applicant or accident focus on a activity will abuse to topple your anxiously complete claimed brand.

Set abreast a few account at the end of anniversary day to appraise how your behavior that day able or detracted from you brand. Analyze any abrogating behavior patterns that charge busting, accost any affections that are acceptable to forward you into a bottomward spiral, and carefully de-stress.

Most importantly, be affectionate to yourself in your bottom moments. We all abatement off the wagon from time to time and behave in means we’d rather not in hindsight. But yield these missteps as opportunities to apprentice and grow, not as affidavit for self-punishment.

And remember, to adept your claimed brand, accept that allocution is cheap. Say what you beggarly and do as you say.